CodeIgniter: Learn By Coding


CodeIgniter is one of the easiest and most popular PHP frameworks available today. If you want to build a web app, using CodeIgniter is a smart choice.

But, like with anything, there is a learning curve. This book helps you by showing you step-by-step how to use CodeIgniter to build a sample app.

You'll learn how to add authentication to your site, how to seed your database with random data, how to add pagination to your tables, and much, much more.

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Table of Contents

  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Install CodeIgniter
  • 3. The Basics
  • 4. Browse Purchases
  • 5. User Interface
  • 6. The Database
  • 7. Create Purchases
  • 8. Edit Purchases
  • 9. Delete Purchases
  • 10. Pagination
  • 11. Authentication
  • 12. Authit Views
  • 13. Relationships
  • 14. Reports
  • 15. Security
  • 16. Conclusion


This book shows you how to use the CodeIgniter PHP Framework to make a web app. To follow it, you do need to know PHP.

If you don't know PHP, you should read my other book, PHP: Learn By Coding, first. You can buy it here: This book shows you everything you need to use a PHP framework such as CodeIgniter. It covers all the basic PHP topics that I gloss over here.

You also should be able to set up Apache (or another web server), MySQL, and PHP on your development machine. The server requirements are here:

Note that I'm not going to cover every single part of the framework. This is not a reference book. Use CodeIgniter's website for that: They have excellent documentation.

Instead, I'll show you the most important parts as we build a sample app together. This will be a personal finance app that will have authentication; a form to add new purchases; a page to browse purchases, as well as edit and delete them; and a dashboard.

Finally, I know it can be difficult to read programming books using a Kindle. So we've tried to make it easier for you. You can find the code via our website:

Source Code