Vue.js: Learn By Coding

vuejs-cover-small.jpgOne of the best way to learn a framework is to build something in it. That's what this book is meant to help you do.

In it, we build two apps: a simple todo app and a more complicated personal finance app. You'll learn how much easier it is to build apps with Vue.js.

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Table of Contents

  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Setup
  • 3. Todo App
  • 4. Better Todos
  • 5. Purchases App
  • 6. Purchases Table
  • 7. Purchases Form
  • 8. Form Validation
  • 9. Edit Purchases
  • 10. Store Purchases
  • 11. Conclusion


This book shows you how to use the Vue.js JavaScript framework to help you make a web app. To follow it, you do need to know the basics of JavaScript. If you don't know them, you should read my JavaScript book first:

I want to be clear that this book is not a reference manual. I'm not going to cover every part of the framework. Vue has great documentation, which I'll be linking to freely throughout this book. You can find it here:

Instead, we're going to use Vue.js to build a couple of web apps. You'll learn a lot about how to use Vue.js to build something real.

Finally, I know it can be difficult to read programming books using a Kindle. So I've tried to make it easier for you. You can find a link to the source code for this book here:

Source Code